Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ping-pong ball beaten by nunchaku

Is it possible to play ping-pong with nunchaku?

I have decided to make an experiment.

1. 30 cm long
2. wooden
3. painted
4. 200 gramm
5. 24 mm in diameter.
6. connection is about 10 cm long

Ping-pong ball
Regular white ping-pong ball (bought a pack of 6 in regular Sport Store) placed on top of paper roll.

The goal is to figure out what will happen to a ping-pong ball after just ONE single hit with most ordinary nunchaku.

1. Even if you are so incredibly accurate with nunchaku that you can hit flying ping pong ball with the right angle and power, the first strike must destroy the ball. That makes playing ping pong with ordinary nunchaku simply impossible.
2. This experiment also demonstrates the superior power of nunchaku even in hands of most regular person. Imagine how fast and powerful you must be to do the same with empty hand.

Nunchakus are cheap, simple, but very powerful weapons. They are not toys.
They can easily break any bone in human body. Remember that and never use them on people or animals.


  1. I think I saw a while back where you posted a video doing this experiment and asked others to do so as well as long as it was authentic heavy wood nunchaku. I cant find the video anymore tho. In any case, I also remember that you smashed the ball as hard as you can. Now come on! It is obvious that it would dent! I tried a little experiment on my own by hitting the ball back and forth against a wall. I couldn't play on a ping pong table because I lacked coordination and a second player. Although I lacked the skill to keep on playing, I was able to hit it back at least 2 times against the wall. The ball did not dent and surprisingly, it only traveled a modest distance (between me and the wall, about 8 feet) rather than fly around the room as one would expect. This modest flying distance and lack of damage to the ball makes it plausible that one could play ping pong with nunchaku although you would have to be very skilled and give extremely persistent practice. My nunchaku are red oak, about 400 grams (twice as yours), and I swung it at a fairly moderate pace (did not smash the ball and did not swing it too slow and light).

  2. Bruce lee jugaba ping pong con el nunchaku

  3. Bruce lee jugaba ping pong con el nunchaku