Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ping-pong ball beaten by nunchaku

Is it possible to play ping-pong with nunchaku?

I have decided to make an experiment.

1. 30 cm long
2. wooden
3. painted
4. 200 gramm
5. 24 mm in diameter.
6. connection is about 10 cm long

Ping-pong ball
Regular white ping-pong ball (bought a pack of 6 in regular Sport Store) placed on top of paper roll.

The goal is to figure out what will happen to a ping-pong ball after just ONE single hit with most ordinary nunchaku.

1. Even if you are so incredibly accurate with nunchaku that you can hit flying ping pong ball with the right angle and power, the first strike must destroy the ball. That makes playing ping pong with ordinary nunchaku simply impossible.
2. This experiment also demonstrates the superior power of nunchaku even in hands of most regular person. Imagine how fast and powerful you must be to do the same with empty hand.

Nunchakus are cheap, simple, but very powerful weapons. They are not toys.
They can easily break any bone in human body. Remember that and never use them on people or animals.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Best Ever Made Nunchaku for great Workout, Sport, Practice for Any Style

Those are best I ever made for really effective workout!
They are safe!
They are heavy!
They are quiet!
They are comfortable!
They are portable!
They are fast!


All in the bag!


Bichuku - wooden stick!

Made of wood stick, covered with 3 pairs bicycle handle grips.
Connection: Gepard Loop
Length: 350 mm
Weight: Heavy
Very comfortable in hands!


Bichuku - plastic pipe!

Made of plastic pipe, covered with 2 pairs bicycle handle grips.
Connection: Leather rope, plastic caps
Length: 300 mm
Weight: Heavy
Very comfortable in hands!

All components can be easily bought in Sport/Bicycle Store and Home Center (Ace)

Enjoy great workouts!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Kamagong Nunchaku

My new Kamagong nunchaku.

Size: 35 (Adult)
Type: One Hole Gepard
Diameter: 26 mm
Weight: Heavy
Speed: Medium

Friday, April 29, 2011

Coffee Paper Cup Stand for Nunchaku

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Nunchaku Cording

Loop "Gepard" cording

Following pictures describe proper loop cording of one hole nunchakus

This is most reliable cording I know. All my daily practicing nunchakus are corded this way and were never repaired. I can guarantee minimum 5 years of intense training before you will even start thinking of replacing the cord.

This is replaceable cording. Loop can be easily taken off with pliers.

Assembling/disassembling Loop Nunchakus (Airport connection)

Other Cording Types

Classic 3 holes nunchaku (Okinawa) cording

Classic 2 holes nunchaku cording